saint kentigern boys’ school & specialist facility:

We were delighted to help Saint Kentigern create an inspiring, thought-provoking space that appeals to a wide range of learning styles. Our aim was to create an optimal teaching environment through thoughtful design. The state of the art Specialist Facility includes three floors of Design, Arts, Science and Music rooms covering 5,250sqm.

We wanted to increase flexibility and collaboration through learning when designing the Specialist Facility.

We used colour theory to help drive our materials pallet and finishes selections. The selected tones (inspired by the House colours) provoke different feelings and emotions.

Red is used through Food Technology, Design and Drama to embrace creativity and excitement. Green symbolises nature, balance and growth, so we used it through the Science Labs. Yellow is used through the Design, Art and Music rooms to inspire imagination and happiness.

We created an engaging environment with adaptable furniture solutions using a colour palette that supports different learning needs.

“To Outline Design, your eye for colour and detail completes the finished product. It’s the wow factor, and we certainly have the wow factor. All those meetings about colour palette and furnishing were above my pay-grade, and to leave everything in your hands was definitely the right decision.”

– Peter A Cassie, Principle Saint Kentigern Boys’ School

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