Hunter Campbell:

Outline Design was approached by Hunter Campbell, a specialised recruitment agency, to create a design solution for their new office space in Ponsonby. The primary goal was to design a space that would foster comfort and encourage positive connections among the employees.

The reception area was carefully crafted to achieve a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. The choice of furniture, feature wall finishes, and dynamic lighting was selected to create a seamless flow into the meeting spaces, captivating and intriguing visitors from the moment they step inside.

Considering the transition from their previous premises, we aimed to improve connection between teams and provide seamless transitions between key areas. The custom-suspended screens were designed to allow for visual and acoustic division while maintaining a sense of connectivity between spaces.  

The social hub was designed to be a hybrid space that facilitates casual meetings, breakout space and an area to have lunch, relax and recharge. Positioning the social hub space adjacent to the office space encourages high-use throughout the work day and promotes movement and an agile style of working.

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