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The Creative Evolution.

In the fast-paced world of interior design staying ahead of the curve is key. Technology continues to reshape industries, the integration of AI image generating software is a playful tool to help designers conceptualise, create, and bring our visions to life. At Outline Design we’re investigating the use of AI image generating software and other factors that are beginning to shape the future of design.


Creating a Dynamic and Effective Learning Environment.

The design of an education space has a significant impact on the learning experience of students. From the layout and furniture to the lighting and colour scheme, every aspect of the space contributes to the overall atmosphere and can influence students' engagement and performance. Whether you're an educator, administrator, or simply interested in the design of educational spaces, this post will provide valuable [...]


Introducing the TRYP by Wyndham hotel in Wellington.

Introducing the new TRYP by Wyndham hotel in Wellington, a beautifully designed space that is sure to impress guests with its modern and sophisticated style. Working alongside Safari Group since 2020, the Outline Design team was tasked with creating a dynamic and luxurious atmosphere that would make guests feel at home while also taking inspiration from the Art Deco era and the clean lines of the Chicago Style [...]


How our Environment Affects our Mood

Designing a workspace is more than just choosing the right furniture and colours. It's about creating an environment that promotes mental well-being. When you're feeling stressed out or unhappy, your workspace can be a major contributor to that feeling. But when your workspace is designed with your mental health in mind, it can help you feel more productive and positive. In this article, we'll discuss some of [...]

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