cambridge residence:

For this award-winning project, the client’s brief was to provide a modern, contemporary residence in the beautiful countryside of Cambridge. The home provides a warm and inviting space to house family and visiting guests. The building’s design and interior planning takes advantage of the natural light and views of the surrounding farmland. Each room is individually decorated with a curated colour pallet to create a comfortable and unique atmosphere for each guest. The residence provides an experience that combines modern comfort with rustic elegance.

The kitchen features large beautiful granite counters making it easy to prepare meals for the household. The attention to detail extended to the hardware selected for the kitchen cupboards and bench tops. All thoughtfully selected to be functional yet sophisticated.

All of the furniture in this home was carefully selected and customized with selected fabrics to achieve the perfect atmosphere in each zone of the residence.

Each bedroom is individually decorated with a variety of colours to create a comfortable but unique atmosphere for each guest. The colour scheme used in each room was carefully selected and carried through to the respective ensuite bathrooms. Each room has its own colour pallet providing its own identity whilst still tying back to the overarching pallet of the home.

The interior design of this Cambridge residence is bold and colourful, with a rich palette of materials. It is inspired by the surrounding natural setting, in which colour and texture play an important role. The light tones used throughout the space (white walls and wooden floors) create an atmosphere reminiscent of summer days spent relaxing at home outdoors.The house has become an open-concept space that presents a feeling of spaciousness and calm.

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