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For the last couple of years, Outline Design has proudly worked alongside Safari Group designing beautiful yet comfortable spaces for guests, residents, and investors. Outline’s timeless quality combined with Safari’s commitment to delivering outstanding properties has seen the development of three very exciting projects. Designs for LQ Ellerslie, LQ Parnell and TRYP Wellington are currently underway.

This article reveals the inspiration and process behind how Outline created interior design concepts which reflect the location, architecture, culture, and brand unique to each of these new spaces.

LQ Ellerslie & The Residences at Central Park:

Taking inspiration from the La Quinta brand guidelines, Outline has designed a space that is contemporary, smart and dovetails with the client’s refreshing and high quality experience it promises to its guests. Playing on the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”, the design combines sophisticated and elegant corporate areas alongside relaxed and comfortable hotel rooms. The star burst logo is a prominent design element repeated throughout the concept, from the flooring design in the lobby, to the artwork and tile selections in the hotel rooms and residential apartments. The use of this geometric design, both the angular lines of the star burst as well as the soft curves of the central circle, allows the corporate brand to be woven into the space in a way that is understated and elegant. A playful colour palette utilising La Quinta’s iconic deep green with pops of yellow and orange creates juxtapositions within the building and sparks interest for the guests as they move through the hotel.

LQ Parnell & Augustus Park Parnell:

LQ Parnell, will sit alongside the lush green Fraser Park and overlooks the bustling city side of Parnell. Outline has designed an interior which speaks to the local indie style elements creating a bright and colourful layering of textured patterns within the spaces. Taking inspiration from the artistic nature and community that is fostered within Parnell, the design utilises vibrant colours and fabrics providing a timeless and sophisticated concept. Incorporating the recycled bricks found from the original building emphasises LQ’s philosophy of reusing materials, and helps to layer the design with history and a story.

TRYP Wellington:

Keeping in line with TRYP’s desire to take advantage of the area surrounding their hotels, Outline incorporated the history and existing Art Deco features in the new concept for TRYP Wellington. Taking inspiration from the Art Deco era and the clean lines of Chicago Style architecture, the design encapsulates the opulence and elegance of the times. The design creates a gangster speakeasy in the heart of Wellington that will entice and delight visitors with hidden gems being incorporated throughout.

Staying true to Chicago Style and Art Deco, the hard finishes include a palette of black, white and metallic. This draws on the beautiful black and white checkered tiles from the existing space. These are then layered with rich jewel colours and fabrics in the soft furnishings creating a dynamic and inviting space. Graphics, geometric designs and patterns are used throughout the hotel to replicate “gangster elements” in unique and exciting ways. This is meant to entice the visitors and highlight the user experience, helping to create memories that will bring guests back to TRYP Wellington.

We cannot wait to see these designs become a reality, so keep an eye out for sneak peeks along the way!  

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