How to Optimise your Workspace in 2023

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How to optimise your workspace in 2023

It’s 2023 and now is the time to think about optimising your workspace for success. After all, the way you work and design your office has a direct impact on productivity. Here are some helpful tips for transforming your space into a productivity powerhouse!

Space Planning:

The first step is to create opportunities for movement. Break up large areas with screens or walls to provide division and also consider height when planning how best to divide the space. When doing this, think of how you want people to move around in the space. Creating distinct zones will make it easier to keep focused while working on certain tasks.


Overall Vibe:

Consider adding plants and rugs to the space to give it an inviting feel. Adding artwork, paintings, posters or prints can add character as well as motivate workers by providing inspirational visual cues throughout the office. Plants are great for adding texture, calming energy and cleaning the air – but make sure they’re not too big or require too much maintenance!


Clever storage solutions such as cabinets and cupboards will help declutter your workspace and increase productivity by making sure everything is organised and easy to find when needed. Utilise walls where possible; wall-mounted cabinets look neat and organised without taking up floor space, plus you can always add extra shelving units when needed.

Colour & Lighting:

Studies have found that colour has an impact on how we perceive our environment, so carefully selecting wall colours and accents will give your office a certain ambience. Natural light is always preferred over artificial lighting but if necessary make sure your desk lamps emit a warm light as opposed to cool fluorescent lighting which can be jarring after long hours at work!


Going Paperless & Decluttering:

Reducing paper waste will declutter your office instantly so look into implementing paperless systems where possible. Going paperless won’t just improve the aesthetics of your office – it’s also good for the planet! Shredding outdated documents, filing away current paperwork in drawers or filing cabinets, and regularly scanning papers in will go a long way in creating a clean workspace that promotes productivity rather than distraction!



Your workspace should be designed with comfort, organisation, and aesthetic appeal in mind – no one likes being stuck in an ugly cubicle all day long! Optimising your office environment will have positive effects both physically (less clutter!) and mentally (better focus!). Follow these tips above for achieving an optimised workspace that inspires creativity and productivity!

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